Online Banking Out-of-Band Authentication Solution

"Richland State Bank has implemented a new Out-of-Band login authentication process for RSBOnline."

Our Out-of-Band solution is designed to reduce the risk of fraud by better confirming your identity when accessing RSBOnline, using a user ID plus two additional components or factors. The solution allows you to authenticate through the use of a one-time security code. The interaction occurs outside the online channel, through either an automated voice call or a text message.

How it works:

You log in to RSBOnline normally, entering a valid user ID.

When you enter a valid user ID, the Device Profiling process determines if the device profile is typical for past successful logins with the device. If it is typical, the Password page appears. If it is not typical, then additional authentication will be required before you can proceed.

Note: The Password page will no longer include a picture and phrase, and preselected challenge questions are no longer used. These functions are replaced with the Out-of-Band Authentication, described below.

Device Profiling

After you enter your user ID, your device and network path are also authenticated in order to detect indicators of fraudulent activity. Over 100 attributes are gathered and reviewed when authenticating your device. This evaluation occurs each time you log in to RSBOnline, and it is transparent to you.

There are two possible outcomes when authenticating your device:

  • Device Profile is Typical: There is nothing suspicious about the device profile. Step-up authentication is not necessary. You will be allowed to proceed to the next step in the login process and enter your password.
  • Device Profile is Not Typical. There is something abnormal about your device profile, and step-up authentication is required. (Note: You will no longer be asked to register your device. This function is replaced with Device Profiling, which is performed with every login.)

Out-of-Band Authentication

When step-up authentication is needed, Richland State Bank provides an Out-of-Band Authentication solution that uses a phone call or text message to confirm your identity.

  • When you use a phone call to confirm your identity, you first must select a phone number from the numbers that are on record at Richland State Bank. You must have access to the phone in order to log in. After selecting the phone number, you will receive an automated phone call that instructs you to say or enter the one-time security code displayed on the Enter Security Code dialog into the phone.
  • When you use a text message to confirm your identity, you need to enter your mobile phone number to give permission to send the text message. The number entered must match a number on record at Richland State Bank. In this case, the one-time security code is delivered to the mobile phone by text message, and you will enter the code on the Enter Security Code dialog.



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Richland State Bank Earns Highest Honor 60 Consecutive Quarters

5-Star Richland State Bank Reliable, Secure and Loyal June 2014: BAUERFINANCIAL, INC., Coral Gables, Florida, the nation’s bank rating firm, commends Richland State Bank, Rayville, Louisiana for proving once again that it is a steadfast and invaluable partner to the communities it serves.

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Avoid The Hassle and Embarrassment of Declined Transactions

As a result of Federal Regulatory changes banks can no longer extend overdraft protection on certain transactions, unless the customer gives express authorization. Any debit card or ATM transaction that takes an account to a negative balance will be declined unless you have given Richland State Bank your authorization to do so.

There is a way to avoid the hassle and embarrassment of declined transactions. For more information call:

Rayville 318 728-2024     Mangham 318 248-2134            Minden 318 377-3030

Monroe 318 699-8412     West Monroe 318 322-8338      Oak Grove 318 428-4444         

Bastrop 318 281-7911

Or stop by any branch location.

Online Banking Prevention Best Practicies

Richland State Banks wants to provide you with fraud prevention best practices you can use to educate your Online Banking users. Click on more info just below this text to prevent fraud and security threats of your accounts..

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Things You Need to Know!

Combined Money Managment Tools

Having trouble balancing your checkbook, managing your money, or planning a budget? Visit our Money Management Tools link located under Bank Links, for effective steps, strategies, and references to assist you with these processes. These tools can help guide you through the process of taking charge of your finances and developing a savings plan.

RSB Is a Member of Surcharge Free Network

Richland State Bank is now a member of Intercept Switch, a nationwide surcharge free network. You can now use your Richland State Bank ATM\Debit Card at hundreds of ATMs across the nation. Click on the ATM Locator link under the Bank Links on the right side bar of this web site for surcharge free ATMs or look for the Intercept logo for surcharge free ATMs as you travel across the nation.


'Phishing' is a relatively new but quickly spreading scam that seeks to steal credit and debit card information, account information, personal information or passwords by email, pop-ups, imposter web sites or phone solicitation. Once a phisher has stolen your information they may then use your information to obtain money, or credit fraudulently.

Protect Your Personal Information 

Richland State Bank will never solicit for your personal information by email, pop-ups or by phone. If you feel that you may have been solicited for personal information please call 318 728-2024. 

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

If you should ever lose or have your RSB Debit Card stolen please call 800 500-1044.


Lost or Stolen Debit or ATM Cards

If you should ever lose or have your Debit or ATM card stolen, please call 1(800) 500-1044 24 hours a day 7days a week.